The Writing Struggle is Real

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those writers that really has a hard time doing the whole… w r i t i n g   t h i n g.


Don’t get me wrong, when I get rolling I can write forever. (it usually becomes rambling hot garbage BUT HEY IT’S WRITTEN.) But I’m not kidding, it’s like every time I feel like I’m “in the writing mood” all of my great ideas go FLYING out the window. // also, before you go telling me that I need to keep an ongoing list of topic ideas - I ACTUALLY HAVE THAT - yet still, somehow, all creativity is lost when I finally sit down and put finger to keyboard.


This is actually happening right now. Like, that’s literally the whole reason I’m writing this. I’m sitting in a hotel, in Gulfport MS, feeling like all I wanna do is sit here and write and dream and be creative. BUT IS MY BRAIN WITH ME? No. It’s blank. The only time my mind is ever silent is when I want to write. I promise the irony isn’t lost on me.



So the point of this blog is to give you a few ideas to help combat this perpetual writers block.


  • Voice Memos are your best friend.

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of driving, or running an errand, or just otherwise tied up doing things that you can’t exactly stop to write down a bunch of ideas? Girl, same. So I started using my voice memo app. I literally just speak a bunch of mosaic thoughts into the app, and rest easy knowing that I can come back to that memo later.


  • Write daily.

I’m not suggesting you write a polished and meaningful blog post every single day. That’s impossible. (But if you are able to do this... why are you even reading this article to begin with?) What I’m suggesting is you get a list of writing prompts (like this or these), and you practice the art of writing. Writing is a skill that has to be practiced, and with practice makes perfect right? So write daily. Write about your day, your dreams, your pain, or about absolute randomness (like the links I gave you above).


  • Don’t start and finish your piece in one sitting.

Something I used to do (and still do) is put this huge expectation on myself to start and finish and edit and post whatever it is I’m writing, in the short amount of time I’ve given myself to do this. Somedays this absolutely happens. I would have been thinking about something for a while, set myself on fire, find that everything I write turns out witty and beautiful and meaningful... and life is just SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS. But this is rare. So on every other day of my life, I have to remind myself that I can start a piece and then pause when I run out of inspiration. I can pick something back up and tweak it. I can rewrite an entire paragraph or delete one if I need to. I can let the piece evolve and grow at the pace it needs to...and  t h a t s   o k a y. As soon as I allowed myself this freedom, I found that my inspiration began to flow more. I’m the perfectionist that if I see that I can’t achieve perfection, I just won’t even attempt to do it. Yes I know this is unhealthy - my therapist is working on it. ;) But when I practiced the discipline of pacing myself, I suddenly found myself more and more motivated to write daily.


Alright so I know those concepts aren’t groundbreaking...but they’re practices that have reignited my excitement for writing and I hope they do the same for you.


Do you have any tips and tricks for combating writer's block? If so, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear how you kick yourself into gear when the creativity gets blocked!