Our Love Story... Part 1

I’ve had a few people reach out and ask me to share mine and Jeremy’s “story”.

I’m always confused by this because I dunno. We were young. We fell in love. And now we’re struggling through marriage and adulthood like everyone else?? Like what else is there to share?

But then I’m reminded of some of our sweet moments and memories and I think, “Well okay maybe I could share a little about all this.” ;)

So without further ado, here’s our bumpy, messy, joy-filled story.

young love.jpg

So our story technically starts way back in 2012, when I met Jeremy on a summer camp trip.

We were both dating other people at the time. Jeremy was about to be engaged, and I was spiraling out of control with my toxic high school relationship.

Jeremy was a sophomore in College and I was a senior in High School.

He was the youth pastor of one of our church’s satellite campuses, and I was a life group leader and student.

I remember all the girls on our trip had a MASSIVE crush on Jeremy. But not me. I was there with my boyfriend so I was pretty distracted.

But the thing I remember the most was his laugh.

Jeremy has this laugh still to this day that captivates you. It’s contagious.

If Jeremy is laughing we’re all probably laughing.

The other thing I remember is that during one of the prayer nights I was praying about my boyfriend and I and begging God to reveal to me what our future was.

I kept receiving silence.

Then one of the last nights I was there it hit me like a wave from the ocean. I clearly felt the Lord tell me “You need to pursue a man like Jeremy.”

I was shook. I went home and sobbed to my mom and about this weird revelation I had.

Of course I twisted it all up in my heart and said “I feel like God is telling me this so that I can help [my boyfriend] become a man of God - like Jeremy!!!”

2 very short months later my boyfriend had cheated on me, we broke up, and I was left devastated.

Let’s fast forward to exactly a year later when we’re at the same summer camp and both have found ourselves single and broken hearted.

I’m graduated at this point and a life group leader on the trip, and Jeremy is the grumpy youth pastor who spent most of his time drinking coffee and forcing smiles.

I mention this to show the stark polarity of my experience with Jeremy at this point.

In fact it was so polar opposite that I went home and told my mom “Hey you remember Jeremy right? Well he was an ass on this trip and I kind of hate him now.”

I then went on to share all the grumpy moments Jeremy created that offended my precious feelings. /insert eye roll here/

Little did I know that he had just been cheated on himself, and his fiance had left him shattered. Bless.

My mom gently reminded me of this little tidbit, and I immediately felt horrible because I related to that kind of pain. We shelved the conversation until about 3 months later.

you never saw coming.png

“Corina who are you dating these days?”

I simply laughed in response, because I was VERY single..

“Hey you know Jeremy? He’s single…”

“…and CUTE!” chimed in another friend.

This was a conversation happening with some church ladies who ran our Kid Life Group program. We were in the middle of preparing decorations for the set change coming up in a couple weeks.

My mom and I helped design and set up these fun sets with every event or season change.

I began blushing and my mom gave me some knowing side-eye.

Apparently this was all a huge conspiracy. You see, my mom was kind of known as the match-maker for a handful of my friends, and now apparently myself!

She takes it upon herself to start praying for the young adults in her life and if God leads her to a match, she starts to meddle ;)

Apparently she had been praying for Jeremy since the very first Summer Camp trip back when I was in High School. Then as time went on she felt it on her heart that Jeremy was for me. So she started praying for us both.


Yeah. Apparently Mama didn’t care ;)

It’s sweet to look back on, but in the moment I was just mortified because up until this conversation with the children’s church ladies, I really hadn’t played with the idea of dating Jeremy.

Of course I admired him. Of course he was handsome and charming. Of course there was a mild attraction to his personality.


Wrong I guess.

Because over the next month he randomly started popping up in my life.

His church campus was 45 minutes away from my church campus. So we never really bumped into each other.

But it just so happened that our church campus started hosting a ton of events for all campus leaders, or hosting meetings for the leaders of the other campuses.

Jeremy was popping up everywhere at this point and I was panicking. Could this really be possible?

Then, at 11:45p on October 21st, 2013…I received this message:


Be still, my little christian girl heart.

We literally talked until like 2 in the morning that first conversation.

It was full of your typical “getting to know you” type questions, and yet somehow I had NO CLUE why he was talking to me.

I literally told my mom that I thought maybe he wanted to recruit me to his campus to teach a life group. NO JOKE.

We sent messages on Facebook DAILY for a little over a week. Somewhere within the first few days he asked if I would be interested in “grabbing some coffee sometime” AND I SWEAR TO GOD I STILL DIDN’T GET IT. (I can’t even. The naivety was strong with this one.)

So we grabbed coffee on Halloween. Skipped out on the costume parties and just sipped our pumpkin spice lattes and got lost in the conversation.

He walked me to my car and I wondered “Is this when he’s supposed to kiss me?”

I think he thought the same thing because we both awkwardly paused at my car door.

He quickly and awkwardly went in for a hug and I smashed my face right into his chest/outer armpit area.

To which he replied “Merp.” and laughed his adorable laugh.

I blushed and laughed too. It was all TOO. MUCH. Y’ALL.

After that everything was super fast paced tbh.

He spent a lot of time in Clermont since his family lived there, and we got to know each other real fast.

It was just in time for all the sweet holidays, and we soaked up the bliss we were feeling.

Those first 6 months were a true treasure. We were naive and in love and it was all magic.

We held hands and watched sunsets and went on picnics.

I had a polaroid and used up all the film I had for it. Filing them away in my scrapbooks and journals for safe keeping.

So I’m gonna end this happy little story here for now, because what happens next is a bit of a downer (albeit way more relatable!) Life goes on and gets hard and the universe never lets love just be easy for some reason…

More on that in the next post. But for now, here’s our happy first 6 months.

xo, Corina.