Why I have a problem with the message “We don’t celebrate anorexia, so why should we celebrate morbid obesity”

So I’ve seen this quote floating around the internet for ages. When I was younger I agreed with it, but now I see a major problem.

At first glance it’s like, “Yeah! We shouldn’t celebrate being unhealthy no matter what size!” Which is true.


Comparing anorexia and morbid obesity is incredibly unfair. The reason why is that one is a mental illness, and one is a symptom (of an endless list of potential underlying problems).

Anorexia is defined as: “an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.”

Morbid obesity is a condition that is brought on by SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS. So much so that it’s not even defined in the dictionary. Why? Because there are many many reasons an individual could be over weight.

A bigger problem I have with this quote, is that it makes both anorexia and morbid obesity out to be these two extreme evils. As if anorexic people don’t deserve to celebrate their bodies through their journey to health, and likewise for someone morbidly obese.

I have news for you...until you learn how to treat your body with love and kindness, you will never actually find what you’re looking for. Yeah you may lose the weight, you may finally love how you look, but you will always have a deep seated insecurity and fear that you will go right back to how you were before. 

So you continue to hate that version of yourself..you refuse to look at old pictures of the version you hate..you notice the scale change and fear suddenly grips you..you look at foods as good or bad..at the end of the day you are still forcing yourself to be that insecure person because you never learned how to love the journey.

You never met that person with love and kindness.

Now a big thing I want to stress is that you can love yourself exactly how you are and still want to make changes!!!

I think a huge misconception is that to love ourselves means to keep ourselves exactly the same.

But when is this ever the case? Love means acceptance AND it means accountability.

Love is dynamic and multifaceted and can beautifully encompass both acceptance and a commitment to improve.

But this can never be accomplished through anger, hatred, or any other negative emotion tied to your body. These types of feelings only perpetuate the unhealthy problem.

Whether you’re over or under weight it doesn’t matter. You must first meet yourself with kindness and compassion, and only then can you find the strength and motivation to become the best version of yourself.

Most importantly this is no one else’s business. This is between you and your body.

You know what is healthy or unhealthy for your body. You know what choices will be kind or unkind. You don’t have to allow others to make you feel less than just because they don’t know your whole story.

We have to stop sticking our noses in other peoples business and just allow people to be on their own journey.

If we stopped judging and pointing fingers, more people would be comfortable with asking for help if they needed it. But we are perpetuating a stigma that is perpetuating a problem that we have to get rid of.

Corina Elaine